Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lego aircraft carrier

USS Intrepid-at-seaSince I'm spending the day at the International Model Boat show today, it seems appropriate to mention this rather fantastic story that appeared in the Metro newspaper a few days ago, and therefore probably on the BBC a couple of days later.

Ed Diment used 250,000 bricks building this. Amazingly the story treated it as a perfectly normal thing to do.

What amazed me is that it is grey. I mean when I built Lego as a kid, we never had grey bricks. Or brown for that matter. Whatever, it is a fantastic piece of work. I'm really envious, and not just because I've always aspired to being a professional Lego builder.

Meridian TV made a film

There are photos on Flickr


Baltimore & Chesapeake Steamboat Company said...

My father was a plank owner aboard INTREPID during April of 1943 at the Newport News Naval Shipyard in Hampton Roads Virgina. Might you be able to tell us who owns the model and where do they reside, please?


Phil Parker said...

Sorry - I don't know any more than is in the newspaper story. Perhaps the British Lego Association can help?