Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warley Saturday

Warley demo stand
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Who knew cardboard buildings were so interesting ?

I'm more than a bit tired after spending the day explaining how wonderful SuperQuick kits followed by an excustion into scratchbuilding. Many people have now handled the lump of Daler Board we brought along and marvelled that its smooth, cheap and easy to use. Hopefully some will have even been inspired to go out and have a go at their own projects.

Lots of blog leaflets disappeared, so if you are visiting for the first time, it was nice to see you at the show. On the right hand side (scroll down) under Labels, you will find the categorised posts. Click on a category and you'll get to read the story of that model. Admittedly this will be backwards (last posts first) but you'll get the idea.

As a start, here are the posts for the little layout, Melbridge Parva, which was on the stand.

More photos from Warley.

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Rob A said...

Had my first visit to Warley Show ever yesterday - although my dad tells me that maybe he took me when I was a child.

Saw you from across the aisles a couple of times, but each time I passed the front of your display you'd been replaced by your dad! I thought I should say hello to you in person having enjoyed reading your blog daily for so long.

5.5-hours of layout watching with just 30 mins for lunch made for a tiring day (and very good value day). I'm glad I wasn;t in the market to buy anything otherwise we'd have been there until gone chucking out time.

How many other blog readers were there?