Saturday, January 08, 2011

K8 Telephone box

K8 Telephone box
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I've been writing about telephone boxes this week, a subject that fascinates me (I'm such an anorak) and has resulted in a quite a lot of models in my collection.

One that didn't make it into the piece was this little diorama. It's a K8 box built using a Shire Scenes etched brass kit. Inside is the man from a Peco 'phone (Am I the last person to put an apostrophe before this word) box kit. The base comes courtesy of Games Workshop and the dog and road sign are Langley.

The finishing touch of the sign along the front came from the kit etch. Probably not what the designer intended, but it works just the same.
Please ecuse the lack of prototype history. I simply can't get better than this website.

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