Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For sale: Desirable 7mm scale warehouse

7mm warehouse front

It's the new year and time to have a bit of a clear out. Top of the pile to go is this part-finished 7mm scale (O gauge) warehouse. Originally intended for a shunting layout - a bit like Melbridge Dock but in a larger scale and with canal boats - it now has no home since we abandoned the plan through lack of time.

However, as with a lot of these things, it seems a shame to throw the model away, so this weekend it will be headed for our club second hand stall unless someone wants to make me an offer for it first.

7mm warehouse backConstructed from plywood and Daler board, the model is 76cm long, 28cm tall and 22cm wide. I reckon it's about 5 years old and still seems as good as the day it was built. A few hours with some stone plasticard, windows and doors should see a pretty impressive model.

As I say, it will be on our second hand stall at the weekend, unless someone wants to bag it for 20 quid. Sorry, no shipping so you need to pick it up from Leamington Spa or the show.

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