Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hobby Corner, Wrexham

Hobby CornerOn the outskirts of Wrexham, just past the Four Dogs pub, which is next to the now incongruously placed entrance to the long lost Action Hall, you find Hobby Corner modelshop. It's about 25 minutes walk from the railway station if you are on foot.

The shop is set back from the road a little which allows a tiny bit of parking. Inside it's a modest size but absolutely stuffed with stock.

The main business seems to be radio control cars and aeroplanes. Certainly the owner was advising a new aeromodeller about his options and obviously doing this from the position of being properly involved in the hobby. In fact he was bemoaning the way that cheap RTF models were killing off the building side, but being completely pragmatic about it. His suggestion of using a simulator to get the hang of flying made sense too, especially when you are looking at proper RC model helicopters.

At the back of the shop is a selection of railway models. Some Hornby train sets and a few scenic bits are on offer. In the middle there is a range of plastic kits and spare parts for cars and planes. You even find some model boats, both RTR and Billings kits.

Most importantly (IMHO) though, you find lots of materials. Paint, glue, wood, metal, plastic are stocked in abundance. It's the first place I've seen Tamya masking tape refills too. About half the price of the pack in the dispenser ! One customer was buying enough wood for a serious aircraft project. Either that or he was building a balsawood cabin.

Finally, in the window were adverts for local flying clubs, let's hope the member keep this place in business for many years to come.

Hobby Corner Website

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