Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boiler front handrails

Front handrails

Three goes. Two failed attempts to form these b****y things !

Normally I bend the wire for the front handrails around a convenient pot but nothing to hand seemed to be right. Working with just fingers resulted in a 20p piece shaped bit of rod - several straight bits joined by sharp corners.

In the end I used my rolling bars. Not easy because the stupid wire kept wanting to lie at 90 degrees to the way I wanted it. Even getting the last piece right took many attempts and much frustration.. The some bends to get around the boiler and I slipped the split pins that act as handrail knobs in place.

Everything was tack soldered in place and then adjusted again and again until I was happy. One hint, when read for the final fix, plenty of flux and a small gas flame make for a reasonably neat job which doesn't need much cleaning up. An old lolly stick can be converted to a handy spacer to keep them all out the same distance from the body too.

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Odds said...

Phil, always start with the bend, leaving plenty of wire either side. That also makes it easier to position the cranked ends with fine round nosed pliers.