Sunday, May 29, 2011

No options for railway modellers

YouGov Survey

Like many people online, I'm signed up with YouGov, the survey organisation that regularly turns up in the news. We take part in the surveys partly to help form policy and better inform those in power but mostly because we might get enough points by filling the things in to get a little bit of money.

Anyway, here is a recent survey question. They want to know how I spend my free time. Sadly I can draw of paint, visit pubs or bars, even try embroidery but is there a tick box for "play trains" or "engage in finescale model making" ? No.

There also aren't options for boat building of fixing aged automobiles. In fact the list of options is laughable.

And that dear reader is why we get so little representation. Government simply doesn't know we exist. I say it is time for us to rise up from our workbenches, gather the sharper tools in our collections, and march on Parliament !


Matt Dawson said...

Viva la resistance!

Steve said...

At least you can select 'using the internet' in good conscience.

rc tanks fan said...

Nothing at all for hobbies such as these. You would think there would at least be an other option.