Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There is NOTHING new

Folding baseboard ideaA couple of years ago, I had an idea for a folding baseboard. At the time I thought I was being innovative and expected that exhibitions up and down the country would be full of model railways making use of what would be called "The Parker Baseboard". Licencing deals would be struck so that the design could be produced commercially. I would become a millionaire and retire to a giant yacht somewhere sunny where I would spend my days reclining and drinking cocktails.

I think the design was passed on by a few people including one chap who told me he was sending it to a friend who was an "expert" on benchwork (American term for baseboards) who would pronounce on my design. I can't remember if I ever received the judgement but needless to say I still think the design has merits and one day will have a go at making it up in real wood.

Anyway, while looking through my boxfiles of old model railway magazine articles, I found this drawing by non other than Cyril Freezer. It dates from March 1981 and apart from the lack of a front cover and fascia, it's pretty much identical. He even managed to attach the fiddle yard which I didn't bother to do. I don't remember seeing this article in Railway Modeller magazine, although I must have to cut it out of the issue to store it away safely. Needless to say if I now become phenomenally wealthy through the marketing of my design, Cyril's son, Nick, will be chasing me for half a floating gin palace.

Folding baseboard

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