Sunday, May 22, 2011

Humbrol 170

When I come to power, something that can only be a matter of time, there will be some changes around here.

Obviously I'll kick off with making BMW ownership a capital crime but somewhere on the first day of my reign, I'll be getting a lackey to place a call to Humbrol. The instructions will be simple:

"Start making No. 170 again. And call it track colour."

If there is one colour I use from the enamel paint range it is this. More than black or white or even 147 Pale Grey which I like a lot.

Why this was ever dropped from the range is a mystery to me. I probably buy enough to justify it, never mind all those other modellers who should be doing the same. Nearly everything on my layout get a misting with the stuff because it's quite simply the colour everything on the railways ends up if it isn't cleaned.

Precision do a nice underframe dirt which is the same colour and now I will have to use that since my two remaining tins of 170 have dried up. I do posses a tinlet of genuine "Track colour" but I don't like to use it in the same way you don't like to drink a very, very rare wine. It is so old it even smells different to the modern paints and is probably quite deadly.

So, to all those at Humbrol towers, when you see me processing up the Mall, get with of the Beemers and starting making brown.

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