Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Phil's Workbenches

BenchesAs part of the developments to the model boat club, the benches were modified. We have half a dozen of these dotted around the clubhouse for members to get their boats ready for the water. Designed as picnic benches, the sort of thing you see in beauty spots or pub car parks, they originally had bench seating incorporated along the sides.

This has now been removed as it gets in the way of the boat prep - bashing knees to no good effect. The net result being several lengths of the decking wood they are made from being available. Enough as it turned out for Rob and myself to make up two more benches to augment the stock.

This is a good thing. Aside from making good use of the wood, we need more benches. With 60 members and at two members a bench you can guess how many we'd need if everyone turned up at once ! Even on a Thursday morning all the space can be occupied so once those who have to work for a living turn up, there is a squash.

The photo pretty much shows the constructional details. You need a couple of lengths of wood to make the legs and brace plus 3 or 4 for the top - we leave gaps between the planks so boat hulls sit nicely if the model doesn't have a stand. Construction requires a saw, tape measure, pencil and an electric screwdriver. Decking nails throughout and then a coat of wood preservative. Time taken for two people, around half an hour.

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