Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Removable cab roof

Cab roofOne of the requirements for the C15 was that the cab roof should be removable. I put this to the back of my mind initially as working out how to do this was probably going to involve clips or springs or other stuff that never quite seems to work for me.

Once I got to the components though, there was a nice surprise. The kit is designed for this !

Front and back there are vertical plates that slide down the inside faces of the cab and if you carefully mount them far enough out, friction alone will hold the lid in place but allow its removal should the owner want to have a peek in there.

The roof itself is easy enough to put together. There are 9 components in the item show including a hidden inner roof that has to be laminated to the top. Even this is well thought out with etched holes that can be filled with flux and solder then hit with the gas torch to get some heat in there. Then watch the solder wick away to join the two bits of metal.

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