Monday, May 02, 2011

A new KMBC Clubhouse

New clubhouse arrivesWhile you lot were all cooing over The Dress at The Wedding on Friday, some of use were outside taking part in some good honest toil.

Never let it be said model making hobbies are sedentary. A group of Knightcote Model Boat Club members were hard at work shifting paving slabs and clearing the ground for the final stages of our new clubhouse development.

The plan was for a new clubhouse, which you might recognise as a second hand building site office, to be installed behind the existing facilities. These would then be split in half and one would head off to the local model car club for their use. The other would be spun around at an angle to the new premises and act as a storage unit. That way not only do we have larger clubrooms, all the "stuff" that we have such as mowers, tables, chairs etc, doesn't have to live in the main building.

Thanks to a hired crane, our new building flew in over the hedge and landed on the concrete pads we'd put in to support it as well as the 10 tons of road scrapings underneath it. We hired a digger to move most of those for us !

KMBC clubhouse moveThe old clubhouse, which was two shipping containers, was lifted with a bit of effort by the farmers Manitu. It wasn't quite so easy as the main building to shift but a bit of maneuvering and hasty shoving blocks under the corners has given us storage that's pretty level and just needs the end filling in to finish the job.

Now all we have to do is lay an enormous patio and we can go back to sailing boats rather than playing Bob the Builder !

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