Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's a nice sunny day so...

SnookerApparently we are all supposed to run outside and do stuff in the open air. In theory that means gardening but around here it mostly seems to be visiting garden centres, DIY sheds and while we are on the retail park, we'll go to Tesco and look, there is a new Cafe Nero and a big branch of Next, well go and have an ice cream from the van in the middle of the car park.

Basically, we aren't supposed to play trains. Last weeks York show certainly took a hit in numbers thanks to being held on a cracking bank holiday weekend. Go to see the trains ? Certainly not, it's far too nice.

Anyway, I like toy trains and don't feel a sunny day is any reason not to go to a show, especially when there are two other days for weather enjoyment. But there are those who buck the trend even more:

Snooker fans.

What better way to spend the entire bank holiday plus the extra Royal Wedding days than sitting in a dark hall and watching people shoving balls around. I mean, I quite like snooker but at least a model railway show has windows. Maybe I'm not so sad after all. But then I'm skipping through the fields in the fresh air right now and you're indoors reading my blog...

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