Monday, December 19, 2011

Builders Yards

Do to lots of work (Panto time in theatreland) and some nasty sickness (clearing a hall after 600 kids isn't a pleasant job), I've not done enough model making recently. Therefore, for todays' post I'm taking the opportunity to point out that Iain Robinson is posting picture of his new project - wonderfully atmospheric model building work building garage.

His post that I loved most recently was one showing a builders yard he created back in 1980.

I'm sure I remember reading the article that went with it and being impressed and inspired. It's certainly the kind of modelling I aspire to rather than the clinical perfection showing in the finescale magazines.

The entrance intrigued me though. When I made my yard from Hornby Skaledale structures, I had envisaged just such a feature. In the end I chickened out and went for a simple gate but I wonder if I was influenced by the memory of what I read in an old magazine ?

Builders Yard

Who knows ?

Anyway, I've run out of interesting things to say, so please pop over to the Iain Robinson - Modelmaking blog, I'm sure you'll find something of interest.


Iain Robinson said...

Thank you very much, Phil...I am very flattered! I'll be posting some of the drawings soon for the yard and a few more old pics. I love your yard with the fab Bedford van...echoes of Len Fairclough and Coronation Street!

Anonymous said...

Iain's yard appears in the February 1980 Railway Modeller--one of the several "older" issues I picked up when I decided I was interested in British outline railway modelling (here in the U.S.) The yard has tons of character, as does his extremely informative and clever accompanying drawing. His "Logan's Store", another worthy project, is in the September 1980 issue.


James Finister said...

Thanks for posting that. Iain's name and work had dropped out of my conscious memory but that post, and his blog, reminded me how much I admired his work and articles all those years ago, especially for the way the scenes seem to "live"