Friday, December 02, 2011

Le train français des biens

Finished Loco 1

Weathering the Y51100 started with a quick dirty wash to get some grime into those crevices. Then out came the airbrush to shoot an earth colour over the underframe. Next a dark grey over the top part and then some rush everywhere.

Exhaust muck appeared courtesy of some weathered black followed up by a bit of matt black. I went to town on this as I'd not been able to match the green paint on the horn as well as might have liked. No sweat though, where it is the normal colour with be filth after a couple of days away from the paint shop.

Finally, a nice mist of underframe dirt (dark brown - the colour we used to call "track colour") everywhere.

While I was mucking up the loco, I also worked over some wagons I'd been sent in the same package:

Finished Long Van

Doing an entire train makes the job a lot quicker. I filled a paint cup and then used it for each vehicle in turn.

Finished Medium Van

The tank wagons are much improved by a bit of dirt. As supplied, the looked a bit toy like - the underframe could really do with some brakes to my eyes. Not being familiar with the prototype I can't be certain but at least the paint isn't as shiny now. Except where I put a bit of Johnsons Klear floor polish on to shine up the spillages anyway.

Steakyness is achieved by brushing the dirt vertically with an old brush and a bit of thinners, then re-spraying like that nice Mr Shackleton wrote in his book.

Finished tank wagons


Colin said...

Nice job!

CF said...

Ah dirty Europeans - makes a nice change. Lovely job.