Saturday, December 17, 2011

Turning Turtle

Turtle Boat

When you pick up a glossy magazine, you might well assume that its production was a simple process with very little in the way of problems. You would be wrong. Readers of this blog know I screw stuff up sometimes but today I'll document a bigger Oooops than normal.

The picture shows a Korean Turtle Boat, an early type of warship. It's built from an Academy plastic kit intended for schoolkids. When I saw it, I thought "That looks fun and I could do a review of it." so I purchased one and eventually got around to building it.

As a model, it's pretty accurate. OK, so there is a solar cell to power the oars rather than little people and a couple of sails, but then the kit is as much science project as model. I spent a fair amount of time painting the thing based on some photos I found on the web.

The rowing works well, but needs a decent amount of light, not something on offer during the cold winters morning I had for the on water photography. Not to worry, I got some good shots (the best are saved for the mag) including the one above.

Then I tried to retrieve the model with a hook and turned it over. Water got in the top and the thing sank. Efforts to drag the bottom with a net were not successful so it looks like I've lost this boat. Needless to say, the piece was submitted with me pointing out that I couldn't do much if he didn't like the pictures !

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