Monday, December 05, 2011

Super D

Super D

I seem to be the target for "unusual" projects. The ones that aren't straight "Take the kit out of the box and stick it together without deviating from the nice simple instructions". This is one of those.

My task is to build a Super D. To aid me, I have been supplied with a loco that looks almost exactly right - apart from the almighty dent in the boiler. In addition there are loads of slightly random bits in the box. Some of these duplicate bits already on the model and other don't. I just have to pick the best of the bunch, and make a complete loco out of them.

I also get some information including a Model Railways Magazine from July 1973 with the "Bazzing Around" feature on the class. For those who don't remember him, Baz was a bloodhound who used to write a very informative column covering details of individual classes. I have read his words and still don't understand the history. It's a good job that the pictures are excellent.

So, I have a dented loco, loads of bits and a magazine article written by a dog. What could go wrong ?

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