Friday, December 30, 2011


Van side

Decals (or transfers as we, in more civilised countries call them) can make or break a model. On the Ford truck they make a big difference to the look of the thing so I wanted to do a good job here.

The ones supplied are waterslide but at around 30 years old, I wasn't confident that they wouldn't disintegrate on contact with moisture. I needn't have worried. The transfer film is pretty thick and so I was able to float them in my little dish of water and slide the film from the backing paper easily. Admittedly I did do my best to slide the decal straight from the backing to the side of the model. Having had a few nightmares carrying released transfers around in the past, I've learned my lesson !

The black "sea" neatly covers the gap between the upper and lower halves of the trailer. The two parts don't mate perfectly, or at least didn't for me.

Thick film causes problems with it has to sit over the various hinges and panel lines on the side but a coat of Micro Sol and Micro Set (still can't work out which one does what) did help a bit. If I were aiming for a perfect model then perhaps I'd have been more concerned but as long as I keep reminding myself that this is just for fun, then all is well.

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