Friday, December 09, 2011

Signal Box and more Handyman Hall in Hornby Magazine

Remember when the Yellow Pages used to arrive on the doorstep ? A big, fat , paper publication that hit the mat with a thump ? Well the January Hornby mag is a bit like that. As well as the magazine (154 pages), there is a Hornby calendar featuring photos of some of the layouts that appeared in the last year and a Hattons catalogue. Those of us with subscriptions also got a CD with the Trackmaster software on it since they only went out to the news trade last month.

My contributions are a Parkers Guide on building a Ratio signal box and a Coopercraft platelayers hut. You also get part 2 of the Handyman Hall railway feature where we take the layout from bare plaster to a finished model.

The signal box is a particularly interesting kit. I really enjoyed building it and think that despite its age, it would be a really good basis for a very high quality model. That's not to say there is anything wrong with what you get, just that there is loads of potential as well. Detail the inside, perhaps replace the locking room windows, add some telegraph wires and somewhere for the point roding to exit, that sort of thing.

Elsewhere, you get loads of reviews including LMS 10000, Derby Lightweight DMU, Baby Deltic and Class 22. I only have a kit stashed away for one of those...

Hornby Magazine Website

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