Saturday, December 10, 2011

Miniature V12 engine

I worry about the economy. If we don't all do some work then our politicians won't be able to siphon off the cash to pay for expensive suits and champagne baths. Bankers children will have to go without their Louboutins. Thus I have saved this post for a Saturday. That way, when you watch the video, you won't be doing it in the firms time.

The film shows a man building a miniature V12 engine. It's the sort of project I'd love to do but don't have the skills or the patience. He produces over 200 perfectly engineered components and then assembles them into an engine on the kitchen table. I particularly enjoyed seeing the crankshaft being machined on the lathe - I wondered how that sort of thing was done and now I know.

Best of all - the music. A soaring orchestral score. The sort of sound that makes you realise this isn't a bloke in a shed but a hero fighting the metal to achieve a great goal.

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Duckie. said...

And they've cut the winter fuel allowance as well Phil that should see off a few pensioners in this cold weather and save on the pensions bill!