Thursday, December 22, 2011

Super D Chassis video

One for the gearbox pervs among you today - and yes I know there are some out there !

Powering the Super D will be a Cannon motor working through an ABC Models gearbox. The whole unit came from ABC ready assembled. All I had to do was file a flat on the axle, slide it in place, tighten the grub screw with an Allen key then apply power.

This is literally the first test. No lubrication yet, no running in and electric from my trusty H&M Duettee. Compensated chassis aren't at their best when not on the track either. Considering all this, the running is superb as you'd expect from a Rolls-Royce power unit. Mind you, at approaching 100 quid, it's not cheap but definitely worth it for the beautiful quality of the engineering. It goes to show, that in the UK we can do something other than make c**p telly and pizza after all !

Best of all, the body slips over the top of this lot with the motor in the firebox. I could fill the boiler with lead for some serious traction...


Anonymous said...

Which ABC gear box are you using on this?

Phil Parker said...

Not sure, it was a long time ago! I think I just rang ABC, explained what I was looking for and took their advice. With gearboxes, it's often the best way.