Friday, December 16, 2011

Class 25 bodyshell

Class 25 bodyshell

Normal service on other projects was interrupted for an evening so I could test the Class 25 model kit to see if I could assemble it. I'm not getting a couple of BullAnts in if there are fundamental problems that I wouldn't be able to solve.

As you can see, there aren't. In a couple of hours I had what you see in the photo.

The first stage happened while the model was in the flat - under the bodyside there are some odd lumps and bumps etched in. These were removed with a pair of scissors and a file. I think the designer was trying to replicate the lumps under the body of the prototype but didn't spot that these are set back underneath. No matter, I can make those myself.

Next the corners on the top edge were formed in bending bars. The metal is thick and I didn't anneal it so they didn't come out sharp, but slightly radiused, just like the real thing. I'd like to claim I knew this would work as well, but there was a lot of luck involved. The main roof curve was formed with finger pressure around a aluminium round bar. This sort of job people assume is cleverly done in one hit by us "experts" but I just prod and poke away until it looks right.

The doors go on with normal solder, the ends fitted with 100 degree solder and gaps between cab top and roof front filled with low melt. That's three different types in one little model. Finally the cab front detail was filed off in preparation for some new nose work.

Which gets me to the stage I was with the Class 26 by picking the resin body out of the box. I know how the rest should work out now so at least I have one kit underway that I can be confident about !


Iain Robinson said...

Nice one, Phil! It's looking good so far.

Phil Parker said...

This is probably as far as it's going for a few weeks. I just needed to prove the concept so I know it's worth buying the expensive bits.

I also need to look at bodyside grilles. The little ones are OK, but I'd like to find some nice next ones for the main holes. Hopefully something 4mm will be suitable.