Tuesday, March 27, 2012

01 Roof

RooftopMore nifty design on the Judith Edge 01 diesel kit - the roof.

I've had plenty of "issues" with model diesel locomotive roofs in the past. Several of my models are running around with something other than the kit part on top as it's either too small or I screwed up the fitting. At least one whitemetal kit had a lid that far too narrow...

Anyway, I wasn't wild about this one. Although relieving lnes are etched into the back of the cabside tops, my efforts and bending these over didn't look great, but I pressed on anyway with a mix of stupidity and optimism.

As it was, things have turned out OK. The centre section drops in between the sides and solders in place from the underside - the cab floor is separate don't forget. Then the wire rain strips are added which cover the join. Simple, and to fair not unique to this kit, but effective. Any gaps or poor alignment is hidden. You can even emery paper the curve over the top before you do this to make it nice and consistent. Another horrid trick I do sometimes, but don't tell anyone.

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