Saturday, March 03, 2012

Every kit CAN be built

Model Brede

From Brighton, a little ray of hope. It really IS possible to build any kit if you try hard enough. Back in 2008, I abandoned a kit I'd bought for a Brede Class lifeboat. The think seemed impossible to build as the vac-formed parts were unsymmetrical along the keel line. Marking out the desk also looked impossible. Scratchbuilding seemed like a better idea to me, or at least more likley to produce a good model.
It seems I was wrong. This lovely looking boat was on a display and the description of the kit is exactly the same as the one I gave up on. It seems there is at least one modeller out there with more commitment and skill than I have.

In my defence, I don't think the deck line is quite correct, on a Brede it lifts more to the front. That's one of the problems I couldn't see past in my version. Those window frames are a bit heavy too but they aren't in the kit. At the end of the day though, it is a a pretty good model of a Brede. Better than my attempt anyway. I hope to replicate it one day when time allows me to get back to my version.

I'll try to remember this next time I'm looking at a kit and thinking it's impossible.


Unknown said...

Hi Phil. Do you own this model. Would you ever consider selling her. I am a member of the NSRI in South Africa and still serve on one her Name is Spirit of Toft. She wss originally Enid of Yorkshire while in RNLI fleet. She is beautiful Martin

Phil Parker said...

Sorry, not my model. I have built a Brede but it's not for sale. In fact, I must get it out and finish it!