Saturday, March 03, 2012

Every kit CAN be built

Model Brede

From Brighton, a little ray of hope. It really IS possible to build any kit if you try hard enough. Back in 2008, I abandoned a kit I'd bought for a Brede Class lifeboat. The think seemed impossible to build as the vac-formed parts were unsymmetrical along the keel line. Marking out the desk also looked impossible. Scratchbuilding seemed like a better idea to me, or at least more likley to produce a good model.
It seems I was wrong. This lovely looking boat was on a display and the description of the kit is exactly the same as the one I gave up on. It seems there is at least one modeller out there with more commitment and skill than I have.

In my defence, I don't think the deck line is quite correct, on a Brede it lifts more to the front. That's one of the problems I couldn't see past in my version. Those window frames are a bit heavy too but they aren't in the kit. At the end of the day though, it is a a pretty good model of a Brede. Better than my attempt anyway. I hope to replicate it one day when time allows me to get back to my version.

I'll try to remember this next time I'm looking at a kit and thinking it's impossible.

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