Friday, March 23, 2012

Shoehorn that motor

Motor fittedReturning to the 01 diesel, I've been assembling the sub-assemblies to see if they will fit around the motor. The good news is that with only a hint of fettling (read: filing the sides of the footplate hole), everything goes together OK.

There is a cab floor to go in and fill the hole. Working out how this went together made me scratch my head quite a bit, then I looked at the parts and realised that that was what those half etched lines are for ! Basically you build a little stage that fits over rails on the floor. I'm not sure I just helped you with that description but you'll know what I mean when you see it.

Anyway, next up I think will be the cab interior which is a mix of soldered brass and resin bits. I'm going to keep dry-assembling stuff as the roof has to be fitted in place soon and that will stop me painting the inside unless it goes in from under the bottom.


Andy in Germany said...

In the bike shop I work in my boss called this sort of fettling, working out and fitting stuf together a 'Gefummel' I still don't know if it's an offocial word, but I like it.

Phil Parker said...

"Gefummel" - what a fantastic word !