Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ready for Basingstoke

New trackOK, the track is laid, ballasted and blasted with lots of lovely static grass. I've wire a link in to the main board so we get that electricity stuff in the rails to allow the locos to work. It seems to work OK so we'll give it a go.

As you read this, we should be in sunny Basingstoke. All being well, there will have been an adequate breakfast and then a pleasant drive to the venue. The wheels will be cleaned and the layout operate as expected.

There will be many people "helpfully" point out that we don't have any buffer stops in front of the chapel because they want to show off and don't think we are clever enough to realise this. I will try to be patient when I explain that it's on the "to do" list and will be completed.

By lunchtime this might be with the added suggestion that if they had ever built anything themselves and not just spent their hobby time salivating over the pictures of choo-choo's in adverts in whatever magazine they prefer, then thy might understand that it takes time to do some jobs, especially when you have to make everything.

Alternativly we will have abandoned our trip somewhere around Oxford in a traffic jam and given the whole lot up as a bad job.

Whatever, I'll do my best to let you know next week.

In the meantime, why not visit the Basingstoke Show website. Then come along, say hello, don't mention the buffer stops and bring cake.

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