Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cab fitted

Cab fittedThe 01 cab starts simply enough - locate the front over the sub-base, centre it up and solder.

Then think, "I wonder if the motor will fit ?" realise it doesn't and remove the part you've just fitted. Cut a big hole in this part and re-assemble to the sub-base.

In theory, I don't need to do this but it seems that the DS10 motor I'm using because that's what the instructions say, is bigger than the DS10 motor on the plan. Well, it sticks back a bit further than it should anyway. Basically, I'll need a hole in the cab front and I might as well make it now rather than trying to wield the piercing saw on the finished model.

The sides went the same way. Attach. Realise you've forgotten to punch the rivets. Remove. Dimple the metal and then re-assemble.

All went together well. If you mess up, the half-etch lines need to be cleaned of solder before bringing the bits back together but that's not the kits fault.

At the back, the bunker is fun. I bent it around a screwdriver but wasn't happy so unbent it again, soldered the top and bend it around the sides. Much better.

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