Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a difference some scale makes

TT VeeDub

Digging through my box of stuff for the 3mm layout, I found a little plastic VW bus bought from 3SMR. According to the packet, it's 3mm scale but not the UK version which is 1:100 but Johnny Foreigners flavour, 1:120.

Not to worry I thought, it's probably going to be nearly right. Perhaps a little small but not something anyone will notice if I don't sit it near a person.

So, I spent a pleasant evening painting the model in an approximation of the classic VW colour scheme of cream over sealing-wax red. The windows filled up with Krystal Klear for flush glazing looked better than the very recessed supplied glass. Even a painted VW emblem on the front looked the part.

Into the box it went and off to Basingstoke. Once everything was set up I put my new model in place. Instantly I could see just how big a difference there is between 1:100 and 1:120. That bus is tiny. So it's back in the box for the time being.

VW Van


Christian said...

What a shame! Looks like a lovely model and paint job. Worth creating a diorama for? Perhaps an decrepit european coach/wagon on a abandoned siding near a campsite?

CF said...

Probably better to use one of the die-cast ones that float around on stands marked HO (Carama?) Time you've flattened the bottom of the tyres a little, it may look more in keeping than this one does.

neil whitehead said...

I blame it on perspective

Phil Parker said...

That's just your viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Isn't 3mm to the foot 1/100 by definition?

12 inches times 25.4 mm per inch, divided by 3mm = 101, not 120...