Saturday, March 31, 2012

Skelly Engineers

Skelly Engineers

I'm working on a little project that needs some industrial buildings for the background. As a start I've taken the opportunity to have a go at one of the free downloadable kits from

At first sight, it's a pretty simple building. Once you get started though, it's more involved a build than certainly I expected. Time taken is at last 3 hours over a couple of evenings.

The first thing to realise is that you have to print the parts yourself. According to the instructions you ought to use photo quality paper but I find this too thick to work with. Normal paper is thinner and a lot more flexible. Print quality seems acceptable too so the more expensive photo paper is probably an extravagance.

Glues used were Deluxe materials card glue and Pritt Stick. Both are excellent for the job. They aren't smelly either which makes them ideal for the modeller who likes to work on the kitchen table when the rest of the family are around.

One nice feature, apart from the ability to reprint parts you've mucked up (three goes at the front in this case) are the options. I've used the old brick finish but there is a new brick version. You can pick from 4 different versions of the big doors and the same for the little ones. There's even more variety in the signage. Basically, you can build the 1950's version I've gone for or an ultra modern one with painted roller shutter doors. I might try this at some point for reasons that will one day become apparent.

Download the kit for this building

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Jas Gill said...

I like this building myself. It was one of the first Scalescene items I made. Also scrathbuilt a half relief factory to go behind it to. Oh and add the boilerhouse kit to the side it looks well smart then...