Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Laying some IOM track at last

TracklayingTracklaying has commenced on the IOM test track. The replacement baseboards seem stable - I can't tell if this is due to better quality wood albeit from the same supplier, or that they were varnished as soon as they were built - but all looks OK so far.

The track is code 75 nickel silver rail soldered to copper-clad sleepers. All the pointwork  was constructed off the board and is being stuck down with PVA glue. The plain sections are made with a single rail and laid, the second one being added once the alignment is known.

Plenty of weight is sued to to make sure the track is firmly in place. I this case this means a couple of V-block holders and some of those really useful angle things that Squires sell. I know the engineers are cringing at their use for this but the metal doesn't touch the glue and none seem to have suffered any ill-effects so far. You buy special tools for holding track down if you want, I'll use what comes to hand !

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