Monday, March 26, 2012

Cab controls

Cab insideBack inside the 01 diesel locomotive, we have the cab interior. The control desk is a simple enough fold-up construction. Surface detail is laminated onto a thicker brass box. Looking at the photos I can find, I'm not sure how accurate everything is here but I'm no expert and anyway, once the roof is on and the windows glazed, no-one will be able to see.

The sides of the raised section are left empty but I reckon it might be possible to see that this isn't a solid item so I filled them in with a little bit of scrap etch. I'm a bit surprised that this part wasn't supplied as a resin part - it could easily have been glued in after painting. The handles, made from wire and soldered in here, could still be glued in.

The seats are a masterpiece of design and incorporate the rail along the cab wall that allowed the bases to flip up. Very clever. To clever for me. I gummed the lot up with solder and decided that it would be just as easy to fix the base to the wall without the fiddly bits. Making working seats I leave to people who can't grasp that the roof will be very firmly soldered down and the doors don't open...

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