Sunday, September 23, 2012

A little bit more on 3D printing

This week, 3D printing popped onto my radar again.

First up we have Sad little Keanu Reeves.

From the website, it looks like he is a pretty realistic model figure. The important bit is that he's printed in colour. Realistic colour. The sort of colour you would normally have to apply with a brush.

It's not quite the future - Keanu is "printed" in sandstone rather than plastic. According to the description he's pretty heavy because of this and very fragile. On the other hand, mini Keanu is a less wooden actor than the real thing.

Elsewhere, over at The Register, Simon Rockman and Gary Sheinwald ask "How hard is 3D printing ?" by running through the process to produce a simple logo. If you want to know more, I recommend a read as they talk about the technicalities of using a simple machine. While most of us will send stuff to a bureau, one day we might all have a replicator in the corner of the workshop.

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Steve said...

I have to say the recently announced Makerbot 2.0 has got me wondering if now is the time. At $2000 I'd want a good look at some samples up close first though!