Thursday, September 20, 2012

Revell Volkswagen T3 Camper

Revell T3

OK, so the original idea was that I would buy some model railways, but once I started digging, another possibility opened up - a model VeeDub.

Long term readers of this blog will remember my unsuccessful Dampervan project based on the Top Gear amphibious Volkswagen T25 camper. The Revell kit I used was lovely and I'd had it in mind to revisit it and produce a perfectly stock model. Well, this is still the plan although Revell changing the box artwork did throw me a bit and I didn't realise what I'd done until I got the model home.

Anyway, in the box are 80 components including the rather good one-piece bodyshell. The side and rear doors can be modelled open as can the poptop roof. I haven't decided which way to go with that yet. Plastic kit modellers tend to have every hatch gaping but I think a more normal closed look might be better. It would certainly be easier to store ! At the back, a detailed engine is included.

Inside the model is a Westafalia camper interior. Quite a modern one if the box-illustration is anything to go by (I didn't use any of this in my previous attempt so I don't know) which is good because Westy plaid seat covers are a nightmare tartan mix of olive greens and oranges.

All this produces a 1:25 model 18.5cm long.

Incidentally, for non VW nuts, T2, as per the box and T25 as per me, are the same vehicle. T25 was the UK nomenclature for the third shape VW van.

Revell Volkswagen T3 "Camper" via Idealo


Jackofallhobbies said...

The parts look really good (no flash, pretty crisp). I would love to see the model when it is done--please post sme pictures.

The Bobster. said...

Just to clear up a misunderstanding about the numbering of early VW's.
Type 1 was the Beetle with the air cooled engines.
Type 2 was/is the van.
Type 2 T1 (transporter 1) was the first van shape with the split windscreen.
Type 2 T2 was the second shape of van with the "bay window " shaped front.
Type 2 T3 ( in Europe outside of the UK )(T25 in the UK) was the third shape of van with the squared off body shape.
Type 2 T4 was the fourth body shape of van with the engine mounted in the front.
Types 3&4 were variants of the Beetle undertaken as a marketing ploy to refresh the tired shape of the Beetle.
There was also a range of vans numbered LT (large transporter ) LT 28, 31,35,40, 46 etc
I hope this helps.