Monday, September 17, 2012

Hornby R590 Station Halt

Station Halt

My review of the products sourced through Idealo starts with a dream project. Hornby's station halt building has long been a favourite of mine - I really think that the little building is a gem despite it being in the range for over 30 years - and this is an opportunity to get my hands on one.

In the surprisingly small box you find the building (in two parts), a straight section of platform and two ramps. Fencing it provided to stop your passengers falling of the back. If they need to sit there are benches and for the really lazy, a motorised luggage trolley.

The set continues a tradition of old model railways with names from main line stations for the nameboard. I want to build York then it's going to take a big gulp of modellers licence to believe this is going to do it. Who cares though, this set isn't aimed at me, it's for kids who want a station for their train set and if the train calls at York or Crewe or Derby on every circuit, who cares ? As long as Network Rail don't get any ideas on rationalising these stations from this we'll be fine.

I particularly like the adverts which appear to come out of the same school of art that produced the 1975 Hornby catalogue.

Is this suitable for more serious modellers ? I think so. The shelter would benefit from a coat of paint and weathering but I could see it on a Colonel Stephens type branch line. The platform isn't bad although those white edges are a bit garish. Maybe some toning down would help but the biggest problem is the tapered plan. This is fine if the model is on a curve but really, you want straight platforms. I'd be inclined to stick at least one more straight section in anyway.

The blockwork faces look modern. You could cover them with plasticard or maybe this is a station on a preserved line where they are a friend to Mr Breezeblock.

As I say, possibilities. I think a little bit of a diorama is in order for this one day.

Hornby R590 Station Halt at Idealo

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Anonymous said...

Would like to see a Parkers Guide on how to make a country halt with this shelter!