Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Faller Children's Merry-Go_round

Faller Roundabout kit

OK, it's big kid time now. I know I'm not alone in looking at the various continental manufacturers range of working accessories and thinking, "That would be fun". On Sunday, I said there was a huge range of goodies that I wasn't aware of and simply drilling through the Faller selection pretty quickly made me decide to have a go at this kit.

The model is a fairground merry-go-round for children. The box is stuffed full of plastic mouldings. According to the wrapper there are 157 pieces in 10 colours, a drive unit (motor) and sheet of stickers for decoration.

You can probably work out most of the details from the photo. The motor/gearbox unit is a single pre-assembled item (the yellow cylinder by the silver top) that apparently drops into place with everything to rotate sitting on top of it.

The riders will sit on or in many different types of small vehicle including cars, boat, fire engine, horses and a steam engine. Most of the parts, and the instructions, cover assembling each of these. In theory you don't even need to paint them as everything is supplied in different colours of plastic. When I get on to this, I think I will replicate the colours in paint as I never feel self-coloured plastic looks right, but then I'm just being picky.

I bet this model could be built and operating within a couple of hours. Certainly if you are happy not to paint anything, an afternoon should see it done. Finding a spot on the layout for it might be harder as the based is a 12cm diameter circle. Maybe it could live on a village green as part of a fete. Add a bit of bunting and a few stalls and the results would be eye-catching.

A huge rage of Faller stuff via Idealo

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