Tuesday, September 11, 2012

International N Gauge Show 2012

Well, it's just around the corner from my home and I wanted to go and see Dave at Dapol so why not spend Sunday morning looking at tiny model railways ?

GWR BenchesBefore I made it in the door, I spotted somethign I wanted to buy - replica GWR benches by Cox's Yard. Proper, full-sized versions that were lovely and comfortable to sit on. Far cheaper than buying the real thing, although since they supply to the Cotswold line, maybe they are the real thing ?

Inside, I went off on a mission to talk to as many suppliers as possible to scare up some news for MREmag. There weren't as many manufacturers there as at the 7mm event, but I still managed to find some. Most of the stands were importers and resellers but the range of products is huge.

Quality has come on in leaps and bounds recently too. The days of looking at a 2mm model and wincing at the wheels are fading. A look at the N Guage Society inspection saloon is a real gem and probably worth joining the society for on its own.


My favourite layout, just, was the one closest to the venue - Banbury station. As far as I can tell, it's a pretty accurate model of the current station complete with Chiltern DMUs shuttling through. It's rare to see a modernisation era building modelled so well. Most people would have eshewed the current structure and done something from the 1950's. In fact the model shows just how well this "modern" building fits in with todyas railwat.

Elsewhere, two layouts with a seaside theme oozed atmosphere. I think I've mentioned St Ruth before but around the corner from it was the much smaller Herrenscar Harbour. The later could almost convince me to have a go at this scale. A Terrier pulling a single coach into the platform just looked right even though the loco is probably at the wrong end of the country.

Photos from the show.

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