Friday, September 21, 2012

Noch and Prieser stocking fillers

Noch and Prieser bits

To finish the week, I have a few little bits from Noch and Prieser.

Starting with the biggest box, some laser-cut strawberries for the small holding or allotment. 48 plants in the finest cardboard, pre painted and just needing releasing from the sheet to make ready to pop in the ground. This is another item on the list of things I've meant to have a go at, and now I will. They require a more serious project to be part of but as soon as I have an opportunity, I'll let you know how I get on.

Laser cut Ho scale strawberries via Idealo

Prieser ArtistWe also have some figures, two boxes of which can wait until more appropriate points in the year - I think you can guess which these are !

I have to mention the Landscape Painter from Prieser though. For an interestingly posed model, supplied pre-painted and ready to use, the price compare favourably to buying a similar model in unpainted whitemetal from a specialist supplier.

I suppose you could be picky and say that it's fine if your landscape matches the painting he's working on, but I'm sure pedants could easily replace the canvas with a photo, perhaps run through a watercolour filter, of their layout. Or just place him with the back of the easel facing the audience.

Preiser Landscape painter via Idealo

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