Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dapol coach in Hornby Magazine

"Blimey. That's a bright yellow cover !" is the first thing you'll probably say when you see the October issue of Hornby Magazine.

Inside you'll find my latest "Parkers Guide" where I've taken a Dapol CKD coach, built it, and for good measure, improved it quite a bit as well.

There's nothing really wrong with the coach as it arrives. The price is especially good but compared to more expensive modern RTR, it's a bit lacking. Not to worry, some messing around under the floor plus a few handles and it looks the business.

Brake 3rd coach

Elsewhere you'll find Dr Phil answering all your most intimate railway modelling problems in the clinic. Headcode, window repair, wasp stripes and cutting pipes - I truly am a renaisance man.

Finally we get to staff projects with the introduction of Topley Dale, the latest HM layout. Needless to say, Mike writes stuff and I get my hands dirty with some clay based tunnel mouth bodgery.

Hornby Magazine Website


Storefront Installation Brooklyn said...

Very cool...

-Solomon Berkovitch

neil whitehead said...

Blimey, amazing stuff Phil and you can spell renaissance! Back in the UK next week so will get a copy of the mag.