Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sovereign of the Seas


Is there a 110cm space in your house that would look fabulous filled with a 17th Century Warship ?

There is ?

Great stuff. Get yourself down to your local newsagent and pick up part 1 of the latest part work from DeAgostini - HMS Sovereign of the Seas.

The partwork runs for 135 weeks and all in will cost you £805 by the time you've finished. For some reason, the Daily Mail is getting very offended by this, a good enough reason for me to suggest that it is a good thing. They've even managed to persuade Rashid Lalloo of Premier Ship Models to say that you could buy a similar model, ready built, from him for £300.

I'd take issue with this. The partwork, when properly assembled, will produce a very detailed model indeed. I'd suggest that this is nearer his platinum rage which weigh in at well over a grand. Not that this is expensive, just that for £300 you don't get anything like as much detail.

You could buy a kit and get your model in a single hit, but if you are capable to building a kit such as something similar from Jotika, then you know about it already. You'll also not need the extensive instructions that arrive weekly.

Anyway, should you buy this one ?

Well, if you want a model of a big ship then possibly. Remember though, it's big and fragile and unless it lives in a showcase, will be a nightmare to dust. If you enjoy making things and fancy a challenge, why not ?

Even if you don't, I venture to suggest that the first issue is worth acquiring as the 2 quid buys you a cannon kit (see above) and some very useful cord. If bought from "proper" suppliers then I bet these cost more than the mag. I also like the handy hints for DIY plank bending involving a tea light and old tin can. Watch out for this be re-cycled in print by people over the next few years.

Deagostini - HMS Sovereign of the Seas

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