Friday, November 01, 2013

A nice, comfy, wooden armchair

Box insideSignals boxes are one of the few buildings on a model railway that really need some interior detail.

If those big windows show a blank space inside, it just doesn't look right. A common problem with resin ready-to-plonk buildings is that you look in and see white walls several scale feet thick. If there's one building that benefits from kit construction, it's the signal box.

Even the little Wills box needed some detail inside it. The kit includes 4 levers and a basic frame. That's excellent as these are the expensive or fiddly bits to make.

I thought the rest looked a bit blank though so added a couple of noticeboard rescued from another kit.

For my signalman's rest, a big, comfy armchair is nice. A model one made up of wooden offcuts was easy to build. Sanding the corners off the wood makes a reasonable representation of padding (this isn't Pendon, I'm not cranking up a sewing machine) especially once painted with a reddish brown and dry-brushed with Humbrol 70. The colours are closer in shade than the photo shows.

While the windows aren't huge, you can see the detail. Whether that will still be the case with the roof on is another matter. I'll ponder some lighting over the weekend.


lnrmodels said...

I'm enjoying your progress on this one. I love signal boxes.

Currently I'm building the Scalescenes version that was in the last issue of your former employer, and am considerig adding a few scratch built improvements. My previous scratch built box has no interior and it shows

Bill Luty said...

Perhaps you could include a table with a modelling project on it? Derek Naylor, of Aire Valley Railway fame, was a signal man. When he was on nights and it was quiet he told me he used to do some modelling to pass the time.

James said...

You really need a desk of some kind I think and decide if this is a signal or gate box as that will effect the equipment that's needed within the box. At the very least a repeater bell for the crossing keeper to know what's going on!

When I worked in quiet boxes I used to do plenty of modelling but in the busy mechanical boxes I work now, there's no time for modelling at all!

Phil Parker said...

It's a bit tight in there for a table but you're right, there should be one.

The seat is just the thing for armchair modellers though!

James said...

Not a table, it needs a TRB desk.

Phil Parker said...

A what?

James said...

A desk for the TRB!

The TRB is the 'Train Register Book' - something you'd find in every traditional signal box. Something like this -

Phil Parker said...

I see. A sort of standing up desk. Doesn't look very comfy to model at though. Typical railway companies don't think of us do they?