Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Painting stainless steel

MrMetalFirst innovation (well, new product to me) on the egg Mustang is Mr Metal Color paint.

I was sent some samples of this a few months ago. Testing for review, it worked well when brushed but I never got around to spraying it.

Now though, I've broken out the airbrush and given the egg plane a coat. Not knowing what I should use, I tried some white spirit. This worked OK although I could probably have got away without it as the paint is very thin.

You do need to give it a good mix before use as the pigment drops out of the carrier as you watch. This didn't seem to affect the finish which worked out very well. I used a grey car primer base coat as I expected the colour density wouldn't be great. Not sure if this made a difference but I would have been interested to see how it worked over a white primer. Maybe the silver would have been brighter.

By the way, I know I should have used a bright silver. Real P-51s were very shiny after all. Trouble was, in the selection I'd been sent, this was the closest. Anyway, the idea is to test some new materials.

You'll notice I chickened out of masking the canopy. Previous experience shows this paint brushes well so that's my plan. Far easier to do that anyway.

Stainless Back end

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