Tuesday, November 19, 2013

P-51 Mustang egg plane

Eggy MustangHere's an odd concept - Hasegawa's Egg Planes. Cartoon versions of real aeroplanes that are sort of egg shaped. A bit of Manga cartoon styling is thrown into the mix with the big eyed lady pilots. They are the sort of thing you either love or hate.

I've seen them in the past and though they look like a bit of fun. Finally I've got around to building one.

This isn't a daft project, well not completely, it's a way to try different model making techniques on a project that doesn't really matter. In this case, I'm going to experiment with some painting ideas.

Anyway, the model I picked is the P-51 Mustang. The model is a pretty standard plastic aircraft kit - all the bits are on sprues, you assemble the two halves of the fuselage and then stick the wings on. So far, so Airfix.

The clear canopy is large and will allow a clear view of the nicely detailed pilot. There's not detail in the cockpit apart from a decal showing dials but then it's not a real plane...

Part fit is good. The white blob of filler in front of the cockpit is me being over enthusiastic with the knife removing the bits from the sprue. The instructions are clear but I still managed to fit the undercarriage back to front. I'm sure no one will notice though.

Eggy Mustang builtup

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