Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lots of buildings in BRM

Lots and lots of goodies in British Railway Modelling this month. Even if we ignore the content from people who aren't me, and it's my blog so that's what we are going to do, there is still a bumper crop.

First up, the 2 hour challenge - Building a diesel fuelling point. Using a Knightwing plastic kit, lashings of static grass and a strong cup of tea, my diesel locos now have somewhere to pose while being refueled.

Fuel Point and 08

Note: I should mention that the excellent Modelling British Railways Diesel Locomotives is still available. Get yourself a copy today! And if you've got a copy, get another so you can keep it pristine!

Inspired by a corner of the "Diesels in the Dutchy" layout, I've made a diorama based on a static caravan. While you shouldn't really model a model, sometimes you see (or at least I do) a scene and think, "I'd like something like that on my layout." Well, here you go. A quick and simple space-filler.

Static Caravan

And finally (drum roll), there's a special model buildings supplement where I build 2 cardboard structures, a plastic kit, defile a Bachmann Pendon building, get out in the garden with a laser-cut greenhouse and scratchbuild some cottages. There is an awful lot of this so dig in and enjoy. I think I need a lie down...

All the buildings
You even get some Christmas present suggestions if anyone is thinking of writing to Santa for me!

More on the December issue of British Railway Modelling here.


Iain Robinson said...

Nice one, Phil!

Phil Parker said...

Far too basic for you Iain but hopefully useful for others.

Iain Robinson said...

They look very good indeed - and anyway, I have garnered a great many very useful tips from your blog. :-)