Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dentists are worse for railway modellers

Dental Probes

Monday afternoon saw me making a trip to see Mr Ubi, my dentist. One of my old fillings needed replacing and at the same time he would take care of a hairline crack in the same tooth that had pushed me toward ambient temperature food as anything else hurt.

I know my dentist is good. People have said that when he numbs your jaw, you don't feel the injection. You don't look forward to a trip to the tooth doctors but at least if you feel you're going to be able to eat ice cream and hamburgers then it's worth it.

Best of all, as far as I was concerned, was he explained what was happening as we went along. I'm genuinely interested in what's going on in my gob, especially since I own a toolkit not unlike his. I also know how rubbish I am at using it.

Dental burrs in a whitemetal loco? I've chewed away bits I didn't intent to. The dentist can't bodge them back with low-melt solder either, or at least not in my mouth.

Those picks, they are very handy sometimes but I know how sharp the ends are and mine bash around in the toolbox. His are presumably properly looked after and not bought from a tool stall at a toy train show. When he scrapes, all I can do is wonder at the strength of tooth enamel.

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Martin Crocker said...

Saw you today at Warley, but sadly did not get to speak to you as you were busy talking to some people. Love the blog, read it every day. Martin C