Friday, November 15, 2013

The best garden shed in the world?

Garden Building

Sorting old photos, I dug out this rather poor shot taken in a back garden that had been turned into an amateur railway museum.

As you can see, it's a ground level signal box in GWR colours, not unlike the one I built last week. Better still, I'm taking the shot from another signal box, hence the reflection in the glass. As I recall, we spent a pleasant evening in there playing with the levers - which are all attached to shortened signals (As an aside, you don't need planning permission to erect a 1/3rd tall signal but you do for a full height one).

Our box was lit by gas and the sound of the bubbling flame on a quiet evening watching the sun setting was fabulous.

It's a pity the canes for the runner beans got in the way of the photo but you can't have everything. It would make a nice model though.

Finished Hut

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