Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chinchilla sand

Chinchilla Sand
Over the weekend, I spent a lot of time trying to explain where I purchased some Chinchilla sand from.

The sand is ideal for modelling as it's clean and very, very fine.

For modellers, it has the added advantage that it's stupidly cheap too.

I have used the stuff for fine sand on a beach in it's unpainted form. It's also been pressed into service anywhere I need to add a bit of texture to the ground cover so I mix it in paint, plaster and even ash.

Most people were interested to know where it came from and here I got the facts a bit mixed up. I remembered £2.46 for a litre.

It's actually £2.75 for 1.5 litres. Including delivery.

My pack came from MedicAnimal.com I hope this helps anyone looking for it.


James Finister said...

I use this a lot as ballast,ash and to provide texture to road surfaces. As well as mail order it should be found in any of the big chain pet stores on retail estates.

For ballasting I've found it useful mixed in with coarser grade products .

Kane said...

Hi Phil

Would it make a good fine ballast (with suitable colouring) for 4 mm scale?

Phil Parker said...

Possibly a bit TOO fine for that, although worth a go.