Sunday, November 10, 2013

Australian Tram

St Kilda Tram

My mate Tim has just been to Australia. On his return, we were standing in the pub reacquainting him with proper British beer and he produced this model as a gift for me.

The prototype is a Melbourne Z1 class tram. As any fule know, these differ form the Z3 class by only having 2 doors as opposed the later trams three per side. Built 1975 to 1978, they can still be found on the streets of the city today, although not on Route 15.

The scale appears to be 1cm to 1 metre along the body and something else vertically. The model is cast in resin and made in two parts. Inside there are some oddly proportioned passengers.

Pedants will point out that the front end is nearer in design to a Z3 tram. Presumably this was easier to model than the correct round headlamps.


I'm afraid that if the Antipodeans wish to challenge the likes of Bachmann or Hornby, they are going to have to try harder than this. While pleasing to the eye, it hasn't even got a motor. As for the details - all moulded in I'm afraid. And nowhere to put a DCC chip?
Note: I'm kidding. It's a fantastic souvenir and I'm chuffed to have been given it.

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