Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Leamington station mystery

Poorly coachAnother casualty has turned up in the sidings at Leamington station and this one is more of a mystery and than the poorly loco a few weeks ago.

We don't see much in the way of coaching stock nowadays. There's the Chiltern sets but apart from that, it's Voyagers and Sprinters'n'stuff.

Where then, did they find what I presume is a poorly coach in Cross Country livery?

Modelling notes are the flashing tail lamp protecting the end nearest the entrance point. A "Not to be moved" sign pokes out of the door side in case anyone tries to run off with it.

Underneath, not a skate, but a pair of wooden chocks on one wheel to stop the thing running away to join it's friends on the rest of the railway.

At the other end of the platform, the Friends of Leamington Station have been busy.

The "Leamington Flyer" is a topiary triumph, although I'm not sure quite which class of locomotive is represented here, but then I never was any good at identifying Great Western rolling stock.

Leamington Flyer


Andy Elms said...

That carriage was off a railtour that went to Canterbury behind Western Champion.

It had dragging brakes, so much the tyre shifted. D1015 shunted it off and dumped it there. Entertaining to watch, but delayed the tour a bit

Phil Parker said...

Time to get D1015 back - the coach has been there for two weeks now. Perhaps they don't want it back!