Thursday, January 22, 2015

Railcar is go!

Motor and gearbox fitted

If NuCast made a GWR Railcar today, this is what the power unit would look like.

OK, maybe not exactly like this but more this then a DS10 that it's supposed to be fitted with.

The can Mashima came via a packing error with another kit. As it happened, I had a suitable motor to fix the problem and that left me with this one. The gearbox is a mystery but those are Romford gears in there with a 40:1 ratio.

Worst job was filing the hole in the frames to make it wide enough for the gearbox to slip in. I was terrified that the whitemetal lump would twist but I think I've got away with it.

Anyway, the power unit mow moves under it's own steam, so I can get serious with the waggly bits.


Paul B. said...

Looks like you could fit a nice fat flywheel in there as well.

I think though if Nu-Cast were to make that bogie today that they'd make the main frame an etch. With the bearing holes oversized...

Phil Parker said...

I've been pondering a flywheel. There would be space for one so I will experiment later. You're probably right about the etch, although they had the technology but still cast this bit.