Friday, January 16, 2015

Weymouth Harbour Masters Office - Twice

Take your mind back to 1963. May 1963 to be precise. Winston Churchill announced his retirement from politics. Dr No premiered in the USA. The Rolling Stones signed their first recording contract.

More importantly, Railway Modeller published a plan of Weymouth Harbour Masters office.

(Many) Years later, I spotted this in an old issue and decided to build the model for Melbridge Dock.

Harbourmasters Office - Melbridge Dock

It's a popular and well-recognised feature on the layout. Lots of exhibition visitors have commented that they too have the plan squirreled away for future use.

On Monday, I visited the Milton Keynes MRC and on their layout Milton Quays, there is the very same building.

Harbourmasters Office - Milton Quays

Nice, but a Beetle out the front (A 2-door sports car featured in the prototype photo that accompanied the article and plan) looks so much classier than the Vauxhall(?) they have used. Well, I think it does anyway.


Odds said...

Morris Oxford, Phil.

Where do "classy" and Beetle ever come together?:-)
Nice building though.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks it's a Morris Oxford, not a Vauxhall. Not sure which series, 2 or 3

Brian G

soubriquet said...

It's a Morris Oxford and far more representative of a british harbourmaster's office of the period :)

Phil Parker said...

Depends in the Harbour Master wants to get to work on cold mornings :-)

Stuart Firth said...

hey don't dis the products of BMC !

Phil Parker said...

Yeah right. Like the owners of BMC products didn't dis them on a cold morning as they listened to the engine stuggling to fire and watch the VW owners driving around happily.

Stuart Firth said...

Never - That's why us proud patriots were always provided with a starting handle!